Digital Development of India and Employment Generation needs

Updated: May 31, 2017, 01.04 PM IST

Jobs are the tangible proof of development and development does not come with one pre-determined module for the entire world. Each and every country has its own needs like education, skills, availability of labour, growth curve, Geographical advantages, cultural advantages and not just the model of Malls and Corporates,that is so heavily borrowed from the west.
As a Congressmen I feel proud to be part of the INC Governance that understands the roots of India and connects with the needs of the Nation, rather than just giving a lip services to the Wants.
Gandhi’s model of self-reliance and village industries can co-exist with the IT revolution and outsourcing muscle developed by India as both of them strived to create opportunities as per the needs of the times. MNREGA is hailed as the biggest program worldwide for reaching out to the huge mass of Indian villages with work and just payment. And nothing presents the true picture of this NDA Government in 2017, than the job market, which is the real indicator of the success they are so perfectly presenting on the paper. The scenario is bleak!
More than estimated 1.5 million people will lose jobs every year. IT companies, our blue eyed hirers are laying off professionals. L&T has laid off people, Cognizant has slashed 10000 jobs, Infosys is not hiring afresh.
The start-ups are suffering as markets shrink and they are issuing pink slips in this saffron regime!
The urban economy which was on way to the very top pre 2014 is crawling now in 2017. And couple it with the distressed farmers, failed Make in India initiatives, Stretched to the shreds Foreign Policy- There is no good omen for our Employment scenario. The PM in his promise Minister mode had promised 2 Crore jobs; with creation of 1.35 lacs jobs this year, if he would have been a corporate employee, he Would have surely gotten a pink slip for being so off the target.
Voted to Powerin 2017 at the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha, Creation of Jobs that sustain individuals with ambitions and families with dignity, shall remain my key priority and first priority.
Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat

© Bharatsinh Solanki