Education and Government

Updated: May 29, 2017, 03.04 PM IST

On a personal level, education is something very close to my heart.

People may talk about education being one of the major areas where Government needs to intervene with policies and protection, but for me Education is the most important area of concern; which should be tackled before and beyond any other!

Education impacts children-the future, families-the units of society, employment-the base of nation’s growth and culture-the sum total of how to raise aware and global ready citizens.

Government policies define the framework within which the syllabus, the schools, the examinations are comprehensively woven together to ensure that our needs from the perspective of literacy, skill, employment, knowledge are met. From being a part of the UPA Government, where the all-important RTE Act was framed to being witness to a state where the NDA’s Prime Minister & Education Minister are not sure about their degrees, it’s been an interesting journey of discovering how Governments approach Education.

For me, nothing less than 100% literacy for the Gujarat State, with free Basic Education Rights to all segments of the children and affordable higher education!

No compromise on this basic right, no adjustment with any distortion of history and no personal agendas of glorification.

When Congress Party forms the Government in 2017 in Gujarat, hold me responsible for all my above promises!!

© Bharatsinh Solanki