Why should Youth Demand a different model of development ?

Updated: June 9, 2017, 12.45 PM IST

Because the model of development we are fed in Gujarat is a copy of the western concept and Gujarat, like the rest of India is different. This model has machines, digitization in the center and the model we need should have the people at its core. Our population needs to become our strength, it needs to be harnessed.

How will that happen, if 1 machine will displace 50 people? If we focus on the industries that thrive on mechanization? As a proud Congressman. I stand for development and Progress using the technology, but aligning it with the needs of the human resources and not the corporate profits. Manufacturing sector, Agriculture, Public Service Schemes like MNREGA are the sectors that absorb our people and should be our priority. And not just advertisement but concrete steps of development. Loud Lip service to Make in India and lowest domestic investment by industrialists doesn't go hand in hand, which is the case right now. We need investments to be in the farm sector modernisation, in the warehouses to stop draining our produce, in the infrastructure building around our rural areas to make them accessible. Agriculture is always going to be the sector we need and thus a core focus has to be on the development here so that the generation next think of it as a core sector for their growth. We cannot afford farmers wanting to leave their occupation and join industries at the lower level.

There should be a sustained action towards the education sector too. Merely making class rooms digital at few schools will not yield results. Right from the teachers, to the easy access of basic class room facilities need to reach wherever the students are. 100% literacy, free education for girls, still a vulnerable section at many places, quality teachers with good pay scales to make it viable for them to pursue Teaching as a career and motivate scholars to take up teaching as a profession, should be the goals a government needs to aspire for and provide for. Making teachers the tools for spreading the government propaganda, using them for managing festivals, keeping them as contract labour is surely not the way to go, as it is currently in Gujarat.

Right care needs to taken of the healthcare sector to let the population stay healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of development. How much developed do you feel when every monsoon you worry about the epidemic outbreak in your neighborhood? How can the most developed city of Gujarat, Ahmedabad suffer mosquito related disease outbreaks? How can our CMC's and PMC's be without basic doctors and nursing staff if we are serious about healthy growth?

Labour intensive industries, investments in the machinery that helps making the burdensome jobs easy, investment in the primary and higher quality education and healthcare is what will drive the growth engine forward.

This is what you can expect from a Congress Party Governance, when we win in 2017. Hoping for your blessings and commitment to making Gujarat the Progressive state, it deserves to be!

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat.

© Bharatsinh Solanki