To do ‘Navsarjan’ of Gujarat is only aim of Congress now

Updated: June 24, 2017, 2.25 PM IST

Gujarat always walks with time. Gujarat gifts pride to everyone. Gujarat waters with love. Gujarat throbs infinitely like breath. Gujarat is eager for ‘Navsarjan’. Happiness of People of Gujarat is the aim of Congress.

Mahatma Gandhiji was a Global-man, his principals of nonviolence are present till today. Gandhiji was assassinated by Godse (associated with RSS). Today, Amit Shah insulted Gandhiji by saying him ‘ChaturBaniya’. BJP and Sangh have proved their lower mentality by insulting Nation’s Father Mahatma Gandhi. It is fact that by insulting Gandhiji, Amit Shah’s criminal image is not going to be vanished. Congress people have to be ready for answering heavily to BJP who insulted Gandhiji.

Before 2014 elections, BJP gave many promises like supportive price to the Farmers, debt waiving and so on, but Center’s BJP government has not taken any significant step for farmers since last three years. As the results, anger burst out among farmers in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. MP’s BJP government fired at the farmers demanding democratically, and shot dead 5 farmers. BJP government is killing Farmers. Situation of farmers is pitiful in Gujarat as well. Congress workers and leaders have to give voice to the issues of farmers constantly. All have to carry the message to the farmer families that when Congress will form government in Gujarat in 2017, Congress will waive debts from farmers. In Congress government, farmers’ benefit will be of top priority.

Law and Order have worsened in Gujarat. Oppression on farmers, firing on Patidar community, outrage on Tribal community, beating with Dalit brothers, mental torments to businessmen – Thus, BJP government is troubling all the communities in Gujarat. Recently, Custodial death of a patidar youth happened in Dy. CM’s constituency Mahesana. Yet BJP government is saving Police guilty and health officers are hiding Postmortem report. Who is responsible for Custodial death of Patidar Youth? It is disheartening that BJP government has not succeeded to tell true facts to Patidar community. Gujarat Congress has to be committed to give justice to all communities.

Social and Political situation in Gujarat is changing. It is fact in Gujarat that ‘congress is coming’. Congress is Public demand. History of congress is marked with sacrifice. To cover their failure, BJP spreads rumors of internal conflicts in Congress. But disciplined workers and leaders must not give attentions to such rumors spread by BJP. Congress is together, will remain together and will do ‘Navsarjan’ of Gujarat.

To do ‘Navsarjan’ of Gujarat is only aim of Congress now. We all have to work harder to carry Congress to the dreamt destination under the leadership of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi. Congress only has protected nation’s and people’s benefits and will continue to do so. Such bare facts should also be conveyed to the public.

Jai JaiGaravi Gujarat, Jaihind !

© Bharatsinh Solanki