Big reforms like GST and the world of small and medium trade community.

Updated: June 30, 2017, 5.05 PM IST

The worst that comes out of every time BJP attempts any Economic decision is the uncertainty! Either the declarations are left to the last moment , like it happened in the demonetization or the big decisions are imposed on the people like a feudal lord ordering the slaves, like its happening with the GST now!

Sample the confusion; the GSTNetwork Chairman says, there is no time to cent percent test the software before the Roll Out. The trade bodies have shut shops across the cities pan India. The CA's are advising the clients to wait and watch. Big players are selling stocks on heavy discounts. And experts are saying, that Indian small and medium industry has no idea what is going to hit them post the GST rollout! So my question to the PM and his team is if your systems are not ready, your team is not confident, your countrymen have not yet recovered from the demonetization blows, what is your hurry to steamroll them with the GST? What is that pressure which makes you rush into something of this gigantic proportions without adequate preparations?

Growth needs preparation, a fertile seeding of idea and then only the reforms take roots.Now that you have expert guidance from the likes of Dr. Manmohan Singh,take stock of the ground level situation, look at the changes being suggested, look at the humanitarian side of meddling with the livelihood of the crores of small businesses and then look at your own preparations; because Event Management cannot manage a country, they will only hide the obvious for a very limited time. So hold the celebrations and get down to work Mr. Prime Minister, India deserves much more than just a world leader on social media, as your friend called you!

May the better sense prevail and Gujarat, the land of entrepreneurs do not suffer!

Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat

© Bharatsinh Solanki