The worst that comes out of every time BJP attempts any Economic decision is the uncertainty! Either the declarations are left to the last moment , like it happened in the demonetization or.... More

Gujarat always walks with time. Gujarat gifts pride to everyone. Gujarat waters with love. Gujarat throbs infinitely like breath. Gujarat is eager for ‘Navsarjan’. Happiness of People of Gujarat is the aim of Congress.... More

Because the model of development we are fed in Gujarat is a copy of the western concept and Gujarat, like the rest of India is different. This model has machines, digitization in the center and the model we need should have the people at its core .... More

Jobs are the tangible proof of development and development does not come with one pre-determined module for the entire world. Each and every country has its own needs like education, skills, availability of labour, growth curve .... More

Education and Government

Updated: May 31, 2017, 01.04 PM IST

On a personal level, education is something very close to my heart. People may talk about education being one of the major areas where Government needs to intervene with policies and protection, but for me Education is the most important area of concern; which should be tackled before and beyond any other! .... More

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